Watercolor Painting

Painting in watercolor? Start with the real BASICS. Play, learn, gain understanding & confidence as you play & paint.

Start Date: 1st August 2022 I Monday to Friday I Class Time: 12:30 PM

Neha Bhagat (Tanisha)
I am Neha Bhagat (Tanisha). I am an Artist. I am Hard of Hearing. I live at New Delhi. I have helped kids from kindergarten to teens and adults by giving tuition classes and working in an office giving special emphasis on school projects to those who are unable to draw, and other business related work towards arts. I have done paintings extensively ranging from Oil Painting, Sketching, charcoal arts, etc. for Exhibitions and Art Galleries. I have been successful for many years and I continue to work towards my passion skillfully as an Artist.

Course Content

Introduction to Watercolor Painting

Poster Colour

Artist Water Color Cakes

Soft Brush & Drawing Paper

Tips & Tools

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