(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have any suggestions or questions?

Yes, do you have any questions or suggestions? Please contact me on +917396492802

Can I get a refund after I have purchased the course?

No, it is impossible to get a refund after purchasing any course, Sign Digest, how-to series, etc. If you have any reason for a refund, you can contact us to discuss that.

Where do I reset a forgotten password?

Yes, don't worry if you have forgotten your password. You can click on the 'Reset Password' button on the Sign Up or Log In page. An email will be sent to you with instructions to reset your password. Alternatively, we also have a video that shows how to reset the password.

Where can I get my certificate after I finish the course?

Yes, you can download the certificate. You can find the certificate download option in the course header's third menu, along with chat and incomplete video content. Once you complete 100% of the course, you can download your certificate. And Sign Digest, How-to-series and workshops are not applicable

How may we help you?

Yes, of course, if you have any issues and problems, you can contact me, and we will help you to solve them

How do I purchase any course, and should I include GST?

Yes, we have a video that shows how to process the purchase, and it does not include GST

Where can I find the place to enter the discount code online?

Yes, there are simple steps to apply discounts. After making a purchase, you can find the 'Apply Coupon' button where you can enter any discount code. 

Where should I register: sign up or log in?

Explanation: Sign Up means registering for the first time with your details like name, age, WhatsApp number, etc. Login means using your existing email after signing up. You can also click on the short, easy-to-use links to sign in with Gmail, Indeed, and Facebook.



Open the Sign Medium's website homepage.


What do you want to choose: a course, a book, a workshop, etc.


After you choose, you can register or login via Google, Indeed, or Facebook using the respective buttons.


After clicking the 'Log In' button, where can I find my course?


 You can click on 'Your Account,' then select 'COURSE' from the list 


and there you can access the online class and start learning.

Access the video: How to Process Works Steps.