Building a Web Page with HTML and CSSCr

B. Priyanka Reddy
My name is B. Priyanka, and I am deaf. Despite the challenges I face, I have devoted my time and passion to learning and mastering HTML and CSS. Through dedicated study and practice, I have developed a strong understanding of these fundamental web technologies. With HTML, I can create the structure and content of a webpage.

  1. Create a customized web page using HTML and CSS. HTML provides the structure, while CSS adds style and layout. Write code in a text editor, define HTML elements, and apply CSS styles. Preview changes in a web browser for real-time adjustments. Gain full control over the appearance and functionality of your web page.

Course Content

HTML Instruction

HTML Basic

New features in HTML5

HTML Tables

HTML Forms

Embedding multimedia

Vector graphics


CSS Basic

CSS advanced

CSS Responsive

CSS Grid

CSS Reference

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